Once upon a time a woman stopped watching All My Children just long enough to push out a baby. That baby grew up to make jokes in Los Angeles, CA. That baby is Sarah Barenberg.

Sarah graduated from the University of Miami and shortly after relocated to the land of Hollywood to pursue 'all of the things.' Sarah has studied/worked with The Second City, UCB, Groundlings and Wet The Hippo's Idiot Workshop. She's performed with her all lady improv team Hot Tin Roof at the Seattle Festival of Improv Theater, San Jose Improv Fest, Funny Women Fest, LA Diversity Fest, Vancouver International Improv Fest, Laugh Riot Grrrl and San Francisco's Femprovisor Fest.

Sarah's produced on many independent projects, as well as served as a personal stylist for private clients, print and shoots.  Follow her social media addiction to find out about upcoming shows and projects.

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